A lot of people think it is not nesessary to train their cats how to use a cat flap, but in most of cases it is a wrong position. Some of cats just dont able to learn it by themselves, or they can thought this weird window works only in one direction so they will sit outside until you open a door.

Especially this training is important for those with kittens, so have a look at my tips for training your pet.



Initially, open the cat flap and keep it in this position for some time while your cat is learning how to go through the hole.

Then its time to luring -  placing your cats favorite food or toy treat in the cat window opening so he is drawn to the area. It will help him to associate a flap with a positive thing so he will be likely do repeat this in future.

In addition, you could put some food as a little trail to the flap. Also do not forget to reward any sniffing or pawing at the cat flap with your cats favourite rewards.

Once your cat is comfortable with that, begin to teach him how to go through the window. Again, you can cast toys through the opening, or drag a food through to encourage your cat to go through.

As soon as he has gone through the cat flap, reward with more treats or game with a toy — whichever your cat prefers most.


After that its time to teach pushing a cat door. All the cats do it in different ways: some of them push it with their paw, other prefer to use a head. Anyway, allow your cat to choose a method he wants.


Some cats can be sensitive to noises when flap opens and shuts. Other cats dont mind it at all.

If you are using a food treat to lure your cat through the cat flap, you may want to place it very close to the flap so that he may push his head through, eat the treat and then pull back to remain on the same side. As you gradually move the treat further and further away from the flap, your cat will realise he has to go completely through the opening to get the food treat.